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SDSS Subscription Server

    If you currently have electronically published content you would like to make available over the Internet, for paid or free subscription managed access, you may wish to take a look at our SDSS Subscription Server service. We currently support subscription management services for a wide variety of content, such as Folio Views Infobases, NextPage LivePublish and NXT3, dtSearch Indexes as well as any web-based content or application protected by Authentix.

Folio Views

We host one of the largest commercial repositories of Folio Infobases over the WWW and provide subscription management and commerce-enabling services for web-based Folio Views Infobase, LivePublish and NXT3 content. For samples of the diversity of Folio Infobases we host, please refer to "ePublishing" references in our Client List.

Software Creations is proud to be one of a limited number of Folio Publishers and Developers for over 12 years.

Folio Views is an Electronic Publishing Software system developed by Folio Corporation (now NextPage) of Provo, Utah. It is used to develop and maintain large databases of text, images, video, and/or sound files. These databases are referred to as "infobases".

Folio Views includes standard Boolean operators, phrase searching, and proximity searching, as well as word stemming to include variations during a search, and a thesaurus to find synonyms. It also lets you vary the scope of your searches to pin-point fields, highlighters, popups, notes, levels, and groups.

Folio Views gives you many ways to get to your information, from powerful Query searching to browsing levels and a Table of Contents, plus several types of hypertext links.

For more information on Folio Views, you can go to the Folio WWW site at:

We provide complete Folio Views development and publishing services as well as internet hosting on our Folio Infobase Web Servers from Version 1.0 to siteDirector Version 4.2. We can provide complete re-keying and conversion services with guaranteed accuracy. In addition, we now provide subscription management services for NextPage LivePublish and NXT3 content as well.

Let us know how we can assist you with your needs using Folio Views or if you have any questions. Please contact:

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