Software Creations

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Software Creations is an Internet Development Consulting firm specializing in Electronic Publishing and Web-Based Database and Applications Development.

We provide the following services:

* SDSS Subscription Server
* Self-Administration Web Site (SAW)
* Web-Based Applications Development
* Web-Based Database Development
* eCommerce Services
* ePublishing Services
* Web Site Development and Hosting

SDSS Subscription Server

The SDSS Subscription Server is an online subscription management service for web-based content or applications. You can provide secured, real-time subscriber (paid or free) access to your web content or application. We currently support subscription services for a wide variety of content, such as Folio Views Infobases, NextPage LivePublish and NXT3, dtSearch Indexes as well as any web-based content or application protected by Authentix. Click HERE for more information.

Self-Administration Web Site (SAW)

We develop web sites with built-in control panels which allow you to self-administer your site using a standard browser interface. This approach to web site design not only saves you money and time, but is also a more efficient method for day-to-day web site administration. You can now eliminate the web designer from the ongoing task of getting the latest information to your end users. Your web master can now allocate publishing responsibilities to those responsible for generating the information, thus resulting in more timely and frequent updates to your site. Click HERE for more information.

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